Tour America: Episode XII (Portland, OR)

In this episode, the band enters the world of Portlandia, where matching sweaters and donuts with hipster facial hair are all the rage.  It’s our most fair trade, locally grown, artisanal video yet!

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BBQ Country

Sometime just feels right about being back in the land of sweet, sweet southern barbeque.  After several months of touring the north and west, we’re finally making it back to some of our favorite spots around the Southeast.  And you better believe there will be some of Atlanta’s Fat Matt’s in our near future (pictured above).

Here are the tour date details:

5-12 NASHVILLE, TN – 12th & Porter (with Plain Jane Automobile)
5-26 ATLANTA, GA – Star Bar (with Washed Out side project, The Mad Ones)
5-27 ATHENS, GA – Flicker Theatre
5-28 COLUMBIA, SC – The Watershed (with The Lion in Winter and Frontier Sons)
5-29 KNOXVILLE, TN – Preservation Pub

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Tour America: Episode XI (Seattle, WA)

n this episode, the Milktooth guys experience a day in the life of a Washington woodsman, complete with real loaded guns.  Disclaimer: no people, animals, trees, or clay discs were shot in the making of this video. Shotgun soundtrack provided by Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” Thanks, Hannah Montana.

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4-8 SANTA ANA, CA – The Gypsy Den
4-9 SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – Kreuzberg
4-12 SAN DIEGO, CA – San Diego State University
4-12 LOS ANGELES – The Hotel Cafe
4-13 POMONA, CA – DBA 156

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Tour America: Episode X (Kalispell, MT)

Further down the road in Montana, the guys meet Bob:  Big Sky Country’s resident wurlitzer piano repair man, conversion van modification enthusiast, and Sea of Keys museum curator.  Get ready to meet a true character.

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Live from Laredo

Here’s a video of us playing “Your Arrows” at our show with Generationals and Floating Action.  Thanks to our new fans in Laredo, TX for shooting this!

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Back in the great state of Texas

We’re halfway through our second tour of TX and it’s been a great week.  Aside from the awesome shows we had in Dallas and Fort Worth (at LaGrange and The Moon, respectively), we got to take in some of Texas’ most valuable resource: Salt Lick BBQ.  One pound of brisket, one pound of ribs, three quarters pound of turkey, and one half pound of sausage.  And four men.

Now, it’s on to SXSW and Laredo!

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