Take a picture, awesome! Tag a picture, win stuff!


This is Beach House! We had the pleasure of seeing them in concert last Wednesday night.  Its no secret that we are big fans, if you caught our first installment of “Stay Home America”. If you’re not familiar with them go buy their new album “Bloom”.  I took this picture on my phone, and posted it after the show with Instagram.

Recently NPR’s “All Song’s Considered” blog posted an article about whether or not camera’s are a nuisance at shows.  You can read it for yourself here:  http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2012/07/09/153513566/put-down-the-camera-and-watch-the-show-really .  The sentiment of the article seems to be that while some amount of good phone etiquette should observed, ultimately using your phone to snap some pictures or tweet to your friends that (presumably) you’re having a great time, and that they should get’s their asses to where you are quick, is part of the show going experience.

Here’s another band I tend to be rather a big fan of:

Yeah, its us.  Thanks for snapping this picture @AshleyRoxanneWells!
Here’s where we come down on the issue.  Making a record costs money, lots of it.  Touring around the country, even with the most modest of accomodations, costs a whole bunch more.  So if you like what you’re hearing and seeing so much that you want to take a picture, take a picture!  Of course that’s what we want.  It’s disingenuous for any artist to pretend this is somehow an annoyance, or that you must be missing the point.  For bands like ours, snapping a little photo and posting it for your friends and followers who didn’t make it to the show, is tantamount to buying us a tank of gas for the van… or at least a round of beers.
So here’s the deal. Keep coming to our shows, hangout with us, if you want to take pictures do it!  We appreciate you being there, and we’re going to be giving away items each the week after each of our shows to creators of our favourite pictures! Just make sure you to label them #MilktoothMusic.
See you soon, in America!
-Zac // Milktooth
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One Response to Take a picture, awesome! Tag a picture, win stuff!

  1. Heather says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I like a lot of bands but the ones I LOVE/PUFFY heart get albums with the numerous pics I have taken. I want to share my experience with friends and my love of that bands music through my pics….. Rock on guys! Thanks for actually being a fan friendly band…. It means more than you will ever know!

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